Honest Ulsterman

Very pleased to have a tiny short story in the Feb 2018 edition of the Honest Ulsterman. The story is based around Friar’s Bush graveyard in Belfast, just behind the Ulster museum. Barney Hughes the creator of the Belfast bap is buried with honours there (we take bread very seriously indeed in Northern Ireland). After … More Honest Ulsterman

Amalfi Blue

  Amalfi Blue by zilbyrne featuring marc jacobs flats M Co cami shirt, €6,93 / Sheer jacket, €52 / Skinny fit jeans, €79 / Marc jacobs flat, €310 / Avenue handbags shoulder bag, €21 / Ashley Pittman bronze bangle, €505 / Yves Saint Laurent brown jewelry, €125 / Pendant jewelry / Tom Ford flower fragrance, … More Amalfi Blue

Something About Home

In 2015 I joined a writing group about Irish migration which met every week in the Central Library in Belfast. The group was just one part of an arts project which connected academic research, drama, creative writing, music and poetry in exploring the stories of Irish migrants to Britain, inspired by real accounts from hundreds … More Something About Home

Gilt is always wasted

  Gilt is always wasted by zilbyrne featuring Essie Womens plus top, £68 / Mat plus size pencil skirt / Avenue black ankle booties, £24 / Handbags purse, £68 / Cateye glasses, £21 / Monki hair accessory / Essie nail polish, £5.84

Christmas Mistress

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